BAL-Pİ GIDA was founded in 1995 and has been rapidly developed since then. The company is continuing the activities in its modern business facilities constructed by using the latest technologies and located in Hasanaga, Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa. In the context of a variety of subjects, such as the increase of world’s population and our country’s population as well, proliferation of food consumption, frozen food storage, sanitary conditions and globalization of world trade, it should be noted that our business is well organized in the right time and it growing day by day by taking firm steps forward. In order to look to the future with confidence we should not forget our past. The founders of Bal-Pi Gıda, Mr. Nedim Balıkçılar and Mr. Mehmet İhsan Başbalıkçı are the owners of “Bursa Balıkçılık” which has a one century history in fishing. Our grandfathers Mehmet Aga and Recep Aga started the profession of fisherman in the early 1900’s. They have made the wholesale fish trade in and around Bursa. In those difficult years for our country and for all the world , they have showed their efforts to maintain the fisherman profession despite the hard conditions and have transferred it to their sons Mr. İsmet Balıkçılar and Mr. Recep Başbalıkçı. One year after the entrance in force of the law on corporations in 1959 , our fathers established Bursa Balıkçılık, which a collective company found in 1960 . We remember with gratitude our late parents. In pursuance of their way, Bursa Balıkçılık collective company is still continuing the wholesale fish trade in our city and all around the country. For the reason that collective companies legislation do not face the today's trade needs, in 1995 we have established Bal-Pi Gıda, a company which is able to engage in food products and foreign trade. The profession inherited in 3 generations is passing now from our late grandfathers and fathers to our generation. By the participation of Yiğit Balıkçılar and Mert Balıkçılar our profesion is hand down to the next generations.

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